Immerse yourself in the practice

Are you looking for online meditation retreats?

Try a daylong, weekend or week-long retreat with one or more of our experienced teachers on a topic that resonates with you at this time in your week, month, or life.

Such longer periods of meditation nourish your personal practice profoundly. In fact, as soon as they’ve finished one retreat, many experienced meditators schedule their next one. It’s a gift to yourself, time away from the treadmill, the phone, the dearly-loved children, dogs, partners, focusing on your practice with steady, compassionate attention. Intentional, dedicated time—time for you to grow.

Annual retreats

IMCW offers 3 annual, week-long retreats: Spring, Fall, and New Year’s. These 5 to 7-day retreats are held in “noble silence,” and participants don’t speak except during teacher meetings and a few Q & A sessions. The days are filled with dharma talks, silent sits, walking meditation, talks on heart practices, and mindful movement.

Teacher meetings occur in small groups with one teacher and a handful of participants, allowing each person to share and teachers to address questions and offer wisdom. Your small group of participants will be the same throughout.

Why attend a retreat?

You may be wondering, why attend a retreat? Or, are meditation retreats worth it?

The answer is yes—at the right time in your life.

And if you are looking to:

  • Bring skill and momentum to your practice
  • Deepen your practice
  • Immerse yourself in the dharma
  • Develop greater compassion, equanimity, and balance
  • Grow intention, energy, and focus in your practice
  • Learn skillful means and wise teachings in the supportive sangha,

the benefits are beyond measure.

During these challenging times, it’s especially nice to get away and go within, with others!

And interestingly, many people find online meditation retreats uniquely valuable because we are in fact weaving meditation into our daily lives at home—expanding our horizons exactly where we need to in the long run.

We are ready to welcome you.